Fogging, Sanitization, and Antibacterial Disinfection

 Fogging, Sanitization, and  Antibacterial           Disinfection

Wellness in Complete Safety! Host your customers in clean, fresh, and hygienic cabins

Keep your workplace clean and sanitized and free from bacteria and viruses. Regenerate fresh air and remove the pathogen agents that cause allergies, infections, and diseases.

We undertake commercial cleaning and disinfection services for:

• Since the spread of COVID-19, anti-bacterial cleaning and sanitization has taken a new meaning and urgency.
Our staff is fully trained and they adopt latest practices to disinfect your property. We clean and sanitize your business like it’s our own.

• Care homes
• Health care facilities
• Schools and daycare
• Pubs and restaurants
• Retail spaces
• Workshops

Our Services:

• Removes bacteria, fungus, molds, spores, yeasts and pollens, and inactivates viruses
• Sanitization and odor removal service that stops smell from garbage bags, waste pipes
• Treatment to repel infesting insects like flies, mosquitoes, roaches, ants and bedbugs
• Regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning

The Process:

Consult: No two businesses are alike, so we have the right Cleaning, Fogging, Sanitization, and Antibacterial treatment program to meet the needs of your facility.

Clean: We follow a thorough process of Sanitization and Disinfection to consistently and effectively tackle infection and implement a quality health environment for your premises.

Certify: Your business is Certified Cleaned by the Cleaning Company and a certificate will be posted on your front window along with our emblem. This represents your commitment to comfort and security of the employees, customers, and visitors.

If you believe that your facility has been exposed to disease causing viruses or bacteria, then please reach out to us and speak to one of our experts for the right solution.
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